Max K Shapey MSW LCSW Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Evanston Illinois
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A psychotherapist is in a sense the “ideal listener”; as you tell the story of your life—the events, the difficulties, the victories—you are heard with compassion and without judgement. And in return you experience validation, support, interpretation, and advice. As you reveal the details of your life to me, the advice and interpretation really is about you: there is no “one size fits all” psychotherapy in my office.

The story of your life that you have internalized, and the stories that you tell yourself about the world in every moment that passes, forms the narrative structure of your life and your relationships. But what if you tell yourself a story about your life that is distorted, clouded by misunderstandings, or confusion? Some false narratives can cause great distress and unhappiness; others simply lead you astray, unable to find fulfillment.
I believe in, and practice, psychotherapy that it is interactive: I respond to what my clients tell me; I offer advice when appropriate; and provide guidance for deeper understanding when this can be helpful.


Hypnosis, in the hands of a trained clinician, can be a powerful tool as an adjunct to psychotherapy, or as a treatment unto itself. It can be used to treat simple habits (nail-biting, cigarette smoking), help with symptoms of depression or anxiety, or can be a means to further psychotherapy through deeper exploration.

♦ Depression
♦ Anxiety
♦ Low Self-Esteem
♦ Trouble with Intimacy and Relationship Problems
♦ Life Unfulfilled
♦ Can’t Make Decisions
♦ Trauma and Grief
♦ Writer’s Block and Other Problems of Creativity
♦ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
♦ Insomnia
♦ Smoking
♦ Habits such as Nail-Biting, Hair-Pulling, etc.

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