Max K Shapey MSW LCSW Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Evanston Illinois
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Artists, Writers, and Performers


For many years I have through psychotherapy helped artists, writers, and performers with various aspects of their creative lives.

I have experience with the creative process and the challenges that people face in their work. My understanding of the life and social/cultural issues that artists in general face makes it possible for me to address those barriers and conflicts, and how they effect the work and internal life of the artist.

And not surprisingly, an overwhelming number of people in the arts who I have work with have had trouble with life “balance.” These are some of the work problems that people in the arts have told me about:

  • having a “straight” job and doing their art after work or on the weekends;
  • teaching art and working around that schedule and the issues specific to that work environment;
  • full-time work as an artist.

In all of these, artists tell me they have trouble with:

  • finding time to make their own art;
  • not having enough energy after working their “regular” job to make art;
  • feelings about making art and their identity as an artist in a society that doesn’t always value art, or has stereotypes that are at odds with the artist's own experience;
  • maintaining relationships and having a social life.
Many of these problems, and simple garden-variety emotional difficulties (such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, identity and sense of self issues, phase of life problems, to name a few) can create blocks that keep artists from fulfilling their potential. An understanding of all the factors that are part of that “stuckness” or inability to move forward—or even start—is the first step on the road to ending the creative block.


I am NOT an agent, a coach, or a teacher; this is psychotherapy that is based on an understanding of, and experience with, creative people. I do NOT have any connections with agents or others in that world; you may be able to find possible leads by searching the Internet or the library.